What is Footpool?

Footpool is the latest sporting craze to hit the UK. It is a combination of football and pool which is designed to merge the skills of both sports creating a simple but extremely fun game for all ages & abilities.

Where can I play Footpool?

You will be able to play footpool with Kickstart’s inflatable footpool table in many leisure centres across Kent. To find out if we are in a leisure centre near you visit our Kickstart Footpool facebook page or contact us.

Our footpool table is also available to hire for birthday parties and other events. If you are interested in hiring our inflatable footpool table then email: info@kickstart-sports.co.uk


How is Footpool played?

The game is similar to pool only you are able to stand within the table and kick the cue ball into the coloured balls to pot. The Player or team that pockets their group of object balls first in any order and then legally potting the black ball wins the game.

Useful information

Our very own inflatable footpool table is an impressive 7.8 metres in length and 4.8 metres in width. The balls used are size 5. Maximum of 4 people per game. Minimum of 1 person.