School Sport

At Kickstart we offer a number of clubs to run throughout the school day in a sport of your choice, we can provide equipment for the majority of the sports we offer as well as two specialist coaches. We have been running successful school clubs for over 5 years at a number of primary schools, please contact us for more details including prices.

We can cover your PPA time with our specialist Physical education lessons. All our lessons are tailored to the national curriculum so that pupils can meet all the required targets and can excel in their sporting development. We have lessons designed for a variety of sports and activities including a number of invasion games, net & walls games, striking & fielding games and athletics, all designed as a progressive termly course alongside our progression of skills documents and catered to fit the needs of all different abilities. 

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Kickstart are more than happy to take over the responsibility of running your schools sports teams which we have done successfully in a number of schools. So far we have run a number of Boys & Girls football teams and helped school sports teams to win leagues and progress onto representing their area in a district league. We also are more than happy to provide kits and equipment for all teams.

    • Tunstall CofE Primary
    • Senacre Wood Primary
    • Grove Park Primary
    • Newington Primary
    • Milstead & Frinstead Primary
    • Borden CofE Primary

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